Pre-CollegeMusic Theory

Born in 1994, raised in Shenzhen, Qi Xu enrolled in the Shenzhen Art School at the age of 10 under the supervision of Prof. Dan Zhaoyi. In 2009, Xu was accepted by the Juilliard School (Pre-College division) and the Curtis Institute of Music. He attended the Juilliard School and followed Dr. Yoheved Kaplinsky, chair of the piano department at Juilliard. Meanwhile, he attended high school at the Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS) in New York. In 2012, Xu was accepted to Columbia University (CC’16) as a John Jay Scholar where he read mathematics. He continued to study piano with Dr. Kaplinsky under the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange Program. In 2014, Xu was selected as a Columbia-Oxbridge Scholar to further his mathematics study in the mathematical tripos program for his junior year at Robinson College, Cambridge University. Meanwhile, he studied piano with Prof. Christopher Elton, former head of the keyboard department of the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2015, Xu was admitted to the Columbia-Juilliard joint program in which he entered his Master of Music study at Juilliard in his senior year of college, continuing his study with Dr. Kaplinsky. In 2017, furthering his education, Xu was admitted to the Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) program as a C.V. Starr fellow. As a doctoral candidate, Xu continued his piano study with Dr. Kaplinsky and Dr. Matti Raekallio. Upon DMA graduation in 2022, Qi joined the Harbin Conservatory of Music (HRBCM) as a full-time piano faculty member. In 2023, in addition to HRBCM duties, Xu returned to the Juilliard family by joining the Tianjin Juilliard Pre-College faculty, teaching classroom music theory.