Lead Curriculum Developer and Chinese Music Education Expert, Music Discovery


Yutao Song Porter is an assistant professor and MA student adviser at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, where she teaches musicianship, choir, and choral conducting and advises students during their teaching internships. She is curriculum designer and textbook author for the Music Education Department course “Musicianship: Chinese Music Culture”.

Professor Song’s pedagogy places emphasis on the emotional characteristics of music, with a central focus on the student and music making experiences. This pedagogy seeks to improve students’ core competency in music by taking a holistic perspective on the role of music in our lives.

Professor Song’s online course, “The New System Training of Music Audiation and Vision”, was awarded the distinction of “Virtual Open Class of Excellence” by the Ministry of Education of China. She also took part in the educational research project “The Practice and Discovery of the New System of General Music Education Based on the Development of Student Music Core Competency”, which was awarded Beijing’s Higher Ed Achievement Prize for 2017.

Professor Song is lead designer of the Music Discovery course at the Public and Continuing Education Department of The Tianjin Julliard School. Through enriching musical activities, this course seeks to spark curiosity into the world of music, promote the appreciation of musical cultures around the world, and cultivate lifelong learners of music.