Photography, Filming, and Recording Policy

Applies to: All Members of the Tianjin Juilliard community (includes all faculty; staff; and students, including Graduate School, Pre-College, Public Education and Continuing Education).

All students, faculty, or staff members should familiarize themselves with the following policy prior to photographing, filming, or audio/video recording on the Tianjin Juilliard campus.

Permitted Activity

Current students, faculty, and staff may engage in the following activities without further permission from Tianjin Juilliard School (“Tianjin Juilliard” or “School”):

  • Candid photography and selfies (i.e., phone capture).
  • Personal video/audio capture (i.e., phone, simple audio recorder) of individual practice or rehearsal, with permission of all participants.
  • Personal capture of performances in practice rooms or other spaces pre-arranged with each department for audition tapes and application materials.
  • Posting any of the above with permission of all participants tagging Tianjin Juilliard online and identifying yourself as a Tianjin Juilliard student, faculty, or administrative staff.


Posting of any material under copyright is strictly prohibited unless appropriate third-party rights clearances have been obtained. Please refer to the guidelines below for posting or other public use of recorded material. You must also comply with Tianjin Juilliard’s Social Media Policy, which can be found in the Policies & Consumer Information section of the Tianjin Juilliard website.

Prohibited Activity

The following activities are prohibited on the Tianjin Juilliard campus unless the student, faculty, or staff member obtains prior written approval from the Office of Marketing. Current students also need approval from the Office of Student Development.

  • Any capture of official Tianjin Juilliard rehearsals, performances, and/or events—including student recitals.
  • Livestreaming of any kind.
  • Hiring third-party vendors or inviting photographers/videographers to come to the Juilliard campus for photography or audio/video capture of any kind.
  • Using the Tianjin Juilliard logo or Tianjin Juilliard-owned photos.
  • Using the Tianjin Juilliard name in an official capacity, such as in the title of an event, video, social media account, email address, domain name, or username.
  • Speaking on behalf of Tianjin Juilliard or representing the opinions of the School to the news media or other entities.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines for Posting or Other Public Use of Recorded Material.

As artists and creators, we all want people to respect our work, so in turn, we try to respect the creativity and intellectual property of others, including rights under copyright law. Facebook, YouTube, Bilibili, Weibo, and other social media networks have filters to block possibly copyrighted content, and they can restrict your access if you are a repeat offender. Using copyrighted material without permission can potentially lead to more serious legal consequences.

There are not always clear-cut rules about what is and is not allowed, but here are some general guidelines:


Look up information on any work you are performing. The general rule of thumb is that any musical composition published prior to 1923 is likely to be in the public domain, but that’s not always the case. The reference librarians in Tianjin Juilliard’s library can assist you in researching the copyright status of published works.

Ask Permission

  • Make sure your fellow performers and collaborators are comfortable being recorded or filmed, and ask permission if you would like to post the recording online after the fact.
  • Reach out to composers, publishers, copyright holders, and other third-party rights holders and ask for a licensing agreement. Third-party rights holders include but aren’t limited to, set, costume, and lighting designers in opera/theater. Explain what you are doing, where you will be posting, and what you are specifically asking permission to do. If you’re not making any money from a video or project, that’s always a huge plus. If you are making money, be upfront about it.

Give Credit

  • Always identify the artists and collaborators in the video description or in the video itself.
  • Follow any guidelines you may have received from a publisher or copyright owner regarding crediting language and/or time limitations.

Other Tianjin Juilliard Resources

  • Office of Performance Operations

The Department has a studio, as well as a state-of-the-art control room. Students can schedule audio or video recording sessions. Audio and video editing and duplication are also provided. Please contact the Office of Performance Operations for more information about available services and pricing:

Career Services, Outreach, and Alumni Office

Apply for grants, get resume advice, and jump-start the next phase in your career:

Additional Information

The Tianjin Juilliard Office of Performance Operations handles all School recitals and performances. 

For questions related to ticketing, please contact:

For questions about photography, videography, social media, and press coverage, email

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