Joseph W. Polisi, Chairman of the Board of Directors | Bio

Changjun Xu, Chancellor | Bio

Alexander Brose, Executive Director and CEO | Bio

Wei He, Artistic Director and Dean | Bio

Office of the Chancellor

Changjun Xu, Chancellor

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Brose, Executive Director and CEO

Xueming Liang, Chief Government Affairs Officer and Chief of Staff

Office of the Artistic Director and Dean

Wei He, Artistic Director and Dean

Office of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs

Audrey Axinn,  Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Katherine Chu  Interim Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Grace Hao Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Robert Burke,  Director of English Language Studies

Tina Tian,  Director of Counseling and Mental Health

Jane Wu, Registrar

Bill Zhang, Director of Residence Life

Steven Liu, Director of Career Services and Outreach


Office of Admissions

Jennifer Wang, Director of Pre-College Admission

Ray Zhou, Director of Graduate Admission

Office of Administration and Procurement

David Wang, Administrative and Procurement Director

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Max ZhuChief Operating Officer

Office of Development

Wenjie MaDirector of Development

Office of Facilities and Public Safety

Brad RenDirector of Facilities and Public Safety

Office of Finance

Michael Sun, Chief Financial Officer

Office of Human Resource

Luna Wang, HR Director

Office of IT

Gary Ma, IT Director

Office of Legal

Sammy Zhang, Legal Counsel

Office of Performance Activities

Yiwen Shen, Assistant Dean of Performance Activities

Roc Xu, Director of Recording and Music Technology

Yolanda NieAssociate Director for Performance Operations

Office of Pre-College and Educational Development

Robert Ross, Associate Dean of Pre-College and Educational Development

Brian Seow, Director of Public and Continuing Education

Sophie Zhang, Administrative Director of Pre-College



Office of Public Affairs

Bo Yan, Director of Marketing and Communications

Yi Ren, Senior Counsel of Public Affairs