Mission and Value

  • Mission Statement

Tianjin Juilliard builds on Juilliard’s renowned traditions of music performance and pedagogy, and serves as a catalyst to educate, connect communities, bridge cultures, and positively impact China and beyond.


  • Value Statement

EXCELLENCE: We hold ourselves to the highest standards and strive for exceptional results.

AUTHENTICITY: We adhere to Juilliard’s traditions of excellence as we shape a unique and pioneering identity reflective of our environment.

COLLABORATION: We work together through our artistic and educational programs with the goal of developing results which reflect numerous points of view and which provide a rich array of outcomes.

EMPATHY: We embrace diverse backgrounds, perspectives, ideas, and align our opportunities, processes and practices to ensure a sense of community and belonging.

AUDACITY: We forge new paths with confidence and confront challenges with creativity, imagination, and enterprising solutions, allowing our community members to become leaders in their respective fields.