Academic Calendar 2021-22





Aug 23–Aug 26 (MonThu)

 Orientation Week

Aug 27 (Fri)

 Fall Semester Classes Begin

Sep 20–Sep 21 (MonTue)

 Mid-Autumn Festival (no classes)

Oct 1–Oct 8 (FriFri)

 Golden Week (no classes)

Dec 15–Dec 21 (Wed–Tue)


Dec 21 (Tue)

 Fall Semester Ends

Dec 22–Jan 7 (Wed–Fri)

 Winter Break (no classes)

Jan 10 (Mon)

 Spring Semester Classes Begin

Jan 31–Feb 4 (MonFri)

 Spring Festival (no classes

Apr 4–Apr 8 (MonFri)

 Spring Break & Tomb Sweeping Festival (no  classes)

May 2 (Mon)

 Labor Day Break (no classes)

May 3–May 6 (TueFri)


May 9–May 13 (MonFri)


May 13 (Fri)

 Spring Semester Ends

May 20 (Fri)

 Graduation Ceremony


NOTE: All dates are subject to change as travel restrictions and the public health situation continues to evolve.