The Tianjin Juilliard Residence Hall experience offers students a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment that fosters development of practical life skills and independence. Residents are from all over the world, creating a multifaceted community of artists where students can enjoy building friendships, generating new ideas, and collaborating outside of the classroom.

The Office of Residence Life consists of one full-time professional staff member who lives in the building and provide 24/7 emergency response. Additionally, three live-in graduate resident assistants (RAs) will be recruited to support students in having the best possible experience.

All incoming Tianjin Juilliard School Graduate students are required to live in the Residence Hall unless they are married, are the parent to one or more children or have a documented medical condition that makes a communal living environment inadvisable. If you meet any of these criteria and wish to be exempted from the housing requirement please email

We strive to nurture complete musicians, and also happy and productive young adults who will become leaders in their respective fields.

Disability Housing Accommodations

The Tianjin Juilliard School is committed to creating an accessible campus where all students are afforded the opportunity for educational and social success regardless of disability. Students with temporary or permanent disabilities, including medical, mental, emotional, or physical health-related issues, and other functional barriers may apply to New York Juilliard’s Office of Academic Support and Disability Services (OASDS) for  reasonable disability housing accommodations at Tianjin Juilliard. Students in need of disability housing accommodation must first contact the office at

Please fill out the Residence Hall room selection application form by reviewing the choice of rooms on the Residence Hall webpage at here.