Anita Lee is a violinist, language specialist, and international educator who taught both music and language acquisition across many cities, countries, and regions including Canada, the United States of America, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, and China.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Lee picked up her violin at the age of 5 and continued studying through lessons and master classes with various renowned violinists and string quartets around the world including Jasper Wood, David Gillham, Eugenia Choi, Charles Castleman, Mark Fewer, Olivier Charlier, Borealis String Quartet, and Penderecki String Quartet. Lee received a full scholarship to study at Malmö Academy of Music with Jörgen Svensson in Sweden. 

As a violinist, Lee was a member of IVAN Formosa Quartet and received First Prize of the Young Musicians Chamber Music 58th Annual Competition in Canada. Lee was also an active orchestral player around the globe. She was a member of the Malmö Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, UBC Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, North Czech Philharmonic, Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, and Apollo Ensemble of Boston, where she took various leading positions in the ensembles. Lee also participated in music festivals in North America and Europe including Maurice Ravel Music Academy Festival, InterHarmony Music Festival, and the European Music Academy.

As a certified music and English teacher, Lee has taught in Canada, China, and Japan where she created engaging and safe environments to help students learn and grow. Her education research focuses on providing underserved children with quality and sustainable access to music learning and performance opportunities. Based on this vision, she founded Music Go Global and co-founded the CAIS Instrumental Program. Lee works with various organizations around the world to further her vision into practice. Lee has worked with El Sistema Japan where she provides free violin lessons to children in the rural area and hosted workshops on music teaching and student engagement for teachers in Nepal. Lee was also part of the Silkroad team in the U.S. where she worked towards developing the Arts and Passion-Driven Learning project for arts educators in the Greater Boston area.

Lee holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of British Columbia in Canada, specializing in orchestral performance (violin), linguistics, and education. She completed her second master’s degree in education at Harvard University.