Cathy Guo is a Music Discovery teacher, curriculum developer, and METT (Music Essentials Teacher Training) trainer. Her dedication to the field of education is evident in her educational journey, which includes a BA in Liberal Arts from Waseda University (Japan) and an MA in Cognitive Science and Music Education from Columbia University. This strong academic foundation has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between cognitive processes, music, and effective teaching methodologies.

With her diverse skill set and passion for music, Cathy has become a certified bilingual music teacher with extensive experience in K-12 international education. Her teaching repertoire extends beyond traditional music education, encompassing interdisciplinary curriculum design that fosters holistic learning experiences for her students. Moreover, her expertise in Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning (PBL) enables her to create engaging and interactive classroom environments that empower students to explore and develop their creative and problem-solving abilities.

Cathy's commitment to her craft extends beyond her classroom. As a curriculum developer, she actively contributes to the evolution of music education by designing innovative and culturally inclusive teaching materials. Through her collaboration with METT (Music Essentials Teacher Training), she also shares her expertise and knowledge with fellow educators, equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance their teaching practices. 

Driven by her belief in the transformative power of music and education, Cathy Guo continues to inspire and empower learners, encouraging them to discover the joy of music while cultivating their intellectual, creative, and social skills.