Members of QXE performing at the Anglican Arts Center Members of QXE performing at the Anglican Arts Center
Members of QingXin Ensemble performing at Tianjin's Anglican Art Centre in July 2022.


Formed last year, the QingXin Ensemble (QXE) was founded by a core group of outstanding musicians, including alumni from both Juilliard campuses, in New York and Tianjin. Members of the ensemble first met at Tianjin Juilliard and their work as an ensemble is defined by their passion for bringing outstanding music performances to communities in Tianjin and beyond. As one of the first independent chamber music ensembles in China, the QingXin Ensemble is committed to combining musical excellence with community engagement and entrepreneurship. Tianjin Juilliard has formed a partnership with the QingXin Ensemble, collaborating with the affiliated ensemble on performances, creative projects, lectures, and residencies. Tianjin Juilliard supports the professional development of the artist-led ensemble by providing rehearsal space and performance opportunities. The School’s  faculty are also invited as guest artists to perform side by side with the ensemble.

The name of the ensemble “QingXin” (青心室内乐团) which translates to ‘young at heart’ in English, refers to one of the core values of the group – staying motivated and true to one’s artistic mission. Through this dedication, the members of QingXin strive to create a sustainable and thriving future for the art form. This group of passionate young artists share a goal of making a difference in society and inspiring others through the power of their music-making.  As artists and educators, the ensemble aims to explore their social responsibilities as artistic leaders and to inspire the next generation of musicians with their philosophy, artistry, and innovative performances. Members of the ensemble currently live and work in Tianjin and Beijing.

As recent graduates of Juilliard and Tianjin Juilliard, the members of the ensemble received musical training steeped in Juilliard’s tradition of excellence. More importantly, the ensemble embodies Juilliard’s values through their roles as artist-citizens and forays into musical entrepreneurship. These are the pillars that have defined the authentic Juilliard experience here in Tianjin. I am confident that, as an independent chamber music ensemble, the QingXin Ensemble will be a trailblazer in the musical landscape of China.

Katherine Chu

Dean of The Tianjin Juilliard School
Members of QXE at Tianjin Juilliard Members of QXE at Tianjin Juilliard
Members of QingXin Ensemble performing at the first outdoor concert on campus, in July 2022.


A panel of resident faculty and administrators from The Tianjin Juilliard School and The Juilliard School serves as the artistic advisory committee to the ensemble, providing mentorship in artistic planning, community outreach, and more. Members of the committee include: Wei He, CEO and artistic director of The Tianjin Juilliard School, Katherine Chu, dean of The Tianjin Juilliard School and Collaborative Piano chair, Weigang Li, Chamber Music chair and first violinist of the Shanghai Quartet, Ken Lam, director of Orchestral Studies and resident conductor of the Tianjin Juilliard Orchestra, and David Ludwig, dean and director of The Juilliard School’s Music Division. 

QingXin Ensemble is a home for adventurous spirits on a journey to discover and fulfill their passion in arts. During my studies at Juilliard, one of my most compelling experiences was performing at a local hospital. This experience reshaped my artistic vision and values, and made me believe in the power of music to unite and connect people. With additional support from Tianjin Juilliard, we have an exciting opportunity to express our artistic voices and inspire the younger generation to recognize their role in society.

Yujie Molly He

MM '18, violin; Founding Member and Representative, QingXin Ensemble
Molly He of the QingXin Ensemble Molly He of the QingXin Ensemble
Molly He (MM '18, violin), founding member and representative of the QingXin Ensemble.

QingXin Ensemble’s inaugural season features ten concerts under the theme “Soundscapes of History and Modernity.” Tianjin Juilliard faculty members, including violinist Angelo Xiang Yu, double bassist DaXun Zhang, oboist Mingjia Liu, and clarinetist Xiangyu Zhou will collaborate with QXE as guest artists. The ensemble’s upcoming residency at Tianjin Juilliard will be announced at a later date. 

“As a young Chinese musician who spent six years studying abroad before returning to China, it is my mission to explore cultural connections and serve as a bridge between cultures through music. I believe that music is the best platform. It  has the power to awake our humanity, bring us together and connect people from diverse backgrounds. Our ensemble will explore musical dialogues between the past and present times as well as Western and Eastern aesthetics. We hope that audiences will enjoy this amazing art form through our programming,” said QingXin Ensemble member, Ao Peng (MM ‘19, viola)

Photos: Lu SUN, Shengyi Visual