Payment of Tuition

Newly admitted students wishing to enroll are required to pay an advance of RMB 3,500 towards annual tuition no later than April 15 to confirm their attendance. The advance will be credited towards tuition due for the Fall semester.

A bill for the Fall 2022 semester tuition will be emailed to new and returning students by June 28, and must be paid by July 26, 2022. A bill for the Spring 2023 semester tuition will be available in November and must be paid by December 1, 2022. Payments must be made in RMB via wire transfer.

Financial holds will be placed on the records for students whose Tianjin Juilliard accounts show a past-due balance after the end of the add/drop period (September 8, 2022). Such holds will block future registration and the release of transcripts and diplomas and, in the case of accounts in arrears may result in dismissal from the School

Please note that if any portion of the tuition is outstanding after the stated due dates, payments will be subject to the following sanction:


2022 - 2023 Academic Year

July 26, 2022

 Fall semester tuition due

November 15, 2022

Not permitted to register for Spring semester and subject to immediate dismissal

December 1, 2022

Spring semester tuition due

April 1, 2023

Not permitted to register for fall semester and subject to immediate dismissal











A student whose tuition payments and scholarship exceed the amount due will receive a refund. Refunds are available during the eighth week of the fall semester and are generally available the eighth week of the spring semester. Refunds will not be issued until all funding has been received by Tianjin Juilliard and credited to the student’s account.



Leave of Absence and Withdrawals

If a student wishes to withdraw from the School, written notice must be given to the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. The official date of withdrawal will be the day the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs is notified or the last day of attendance in any educationally related activity (including participation in performances), whichever is later.

For withdrawals that occur after the semester has begun reimbursement may be required.

If written notice of withdrawal is received by the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs before the first day of classes of either semester, the student has no responsibility for the semester’s tuition or housing charges. Students who withdraw during either semester are liable for a portion up to 100 percent of that semester’s tuition and housing charges, depending on the date of withdrawal, as follows:

Within the first week:                                              10%
Within the second week:                                              25%
Within the third week:                                              50%
Within the fourth week:                                              75%
After the fourth week:                                            100%


Please note that residence hall refunds for students who withdraw from the School will follow the guidelines set forth in the residence hall contract.

Should a student be dismissed, the same policy of tuition responsibility will apply.



Payment and Contract for Residence Hall

For students moving into the Residence Hall on August 19, 2023, half of the annual residence hall fee are due by August 14, 2023. The reminder of the residence hall fees is due December 28, 2023. These fees will appear on the tuition bill and must be paid via wire transfer.

Note: For students who are approved to arrive late or leave earlier than the end of semester, a pro-rated housing bill will be generated accordingly.